Wooden Table





Introduction: Wooden Table

Preparing the legs.Let the wood dry for some days before painting.

Step 1: Metal Work to Keep Legs Together.

Get the metal inside wood, Also big screws used on top of plate to fix metal with wood (three its corner).You can use glue to fill any gaps.

Step 2: Table Top

Tabletop bought it 110€, sand it and painted twice

Step 3: Put Together.

Get tabletop together with legs and put screws beneath metal bars to the top.Chairs were scrap but with a little more work and patience made them set with table.

Step 4: All Creations in Picture.

wooden bench added to table set , also I used a pallete with two shelves nailed on. The lamp made entirely from scrap wood and pipes with some rope. All painted with same wood stain.

Step 5:



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    That is so cool

    Wooden table? Looks more like a log book.... *snicker*

    Great job!!

    Great job! I never would have thought of using a oscillating saw to strip bark. I usually just use a hatchet or manual bark stripper.

    Have a great day! :-)

    I like the idea of using an oscillating tool to debark the limbs.