Wooden Tablet/Phone Holder Compatible With All Devices


Introduction: Wooden Tablet/Phone Holder Compatible With All Devices

About: I am a 12 year old kid who loves to do creative things and craft and woodwork

Well to start off with the things you will need are:



This is a simple Hand Tools Only sort of project to hold your phone/tablet as you are not using it.

Step 1: Starting the Cuts

First make a straight cut halfway deep into the wood. Next you will make slightly angled cut that lines up with the other cut you previously made.

Step 2: Finishing Up the Cuts

You now want to cut out the chunk of wood in the middle of your two cuts.

Step 3: Your Done!

This is just the final detail. (Smoothing out bottom, cutting off un-necessary ugly edges, etc.)

Step 4: Now Your Work Is Finished

I hope you liked the project and I hope it inspires you to do more and make things!




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    Thanks for commenting. I would have taken pictures as I was working but its kind of cold out and I wanted to get it made fast.