Picture of Wooden Tape Dispenser
I needed a tape dispenser for my desk but all that I could afford was a flimsy plastic one so I thought I could make myself one out of wood and so I did. With a few tools and this Intructable you can make your own too with little effort. It will weight enough to be used with one hand yet it will be light to carry from desk to where you need it. It also doubles as a paperweight.

Note: The photos are from an old version of the design; you will be making a simplified version.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need these materials:

Piece of wood at least 22 millimeters thick
Piece of wood about 10 millimeters thick
15 millimeters dowel
5 millimeters dowel
Scroll saw blade with large teeth
Sand paper
Wood Glue
Strong glue suitable to bond wood and metal together
Masking tape
Glue stick
Finish of your liking

And these tools:

Coping saw
15 millimeters drill bit
5 millimeters drill bit
Belt sander (Optional)

Step 2: Cutting and drilling

Picture of Cutting and drilling
Print the plans below. Apply masking tape to an area of the pieces of wood large enough to fit the plans. Using the glue stick, glue the plans to the masking tape and let the glue dry. I don’t have a photo of this because I drew the outline of the dispenser parts directly on the wood.

Drill a 15 millimeters hole centered on the X of the plans. Cut the out the parts and the slot in the sides with the jigsaw.
Blofish4 years ago
Excellent idea!
NutandBolt4 years ago
Great instructable, I have tape in every drawer of the house and no dispenser.
Last week I had to wrap many presents and it was a nightmare.
After looking at your wood dispenser it realy encouraged me to make one or two.
Excellent Ible.
lemonie4 years ago
That's nice