Introduction: Wooden Toy for My Little Boy

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organic toy. wooden tractor

Step 1: Part List

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20X50X1 cm wood. polywood or like.
sand paper
4x screw 35 mm
cuttin machine(cnc or saw ...)
sundry hand tool

Step 2: Draw Model

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Download model image but left or right side.
import imade cad application.
Track model out side and draw border.
and draw detail.

Step 3: Working CAM Editor

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I cut the model by my cnc.
according the cutting paremeter.

Step 4: And Finish

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cut parts grinding and fixing with glue and waiting one day.
after attach the wheel with screws.
I m not painting. I dont want chemical.

Step 5:


Add vector file.


seamster (author)2014-11-06

That's a great looking wooden tractor! If you share the files, those that have the right tools would probably love to duplicate this.

ugurustun (author)seamster2014-12-08

hi. add vector file.

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