Wooden Trashcan Pedals




Introduction: Wooden Trashcan Pedals

Step 1: The Trash Can

We have a metal trash can we got from Walmart and the pedals broke off one by one. Now it was like a $20 trash can so it's nothing spectacular. Before we threw it out I wanted to try to make some pedals in hopes to save it.

Step 2: The Pedals

Unfortunately I made these before I decided to make the instructable so I don't have step by step pictures. But I think it's fairly straightforward.

I used African Mahogany for the majority of the pedal and I used Cocobolo wood for the connection piece. I glued and clamped them together. I sanded vigorously and rounded parts for fluidity.

Step 3: Attaching!

To attach the pedals to the trash can I simply drilled a hole through the connector piece and filled it with gorilla glue. After sitting for about a day it was good to go!

It's not the most secure connection so I'm working to sure it up some more.

Step 4: All Done!

After the glue dried it was good to go!
A quick and simple project to keep the skills alive!



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