Introduction: Wooden Tripod

Most items I see in stores make me say "I can builds that for more money...". To mix it up a little, I decide to build this one for less! Tripods sell for literally 10's of dollars so I headed straight to the scrap bin. The legs are fully adjustable and the tripod is collapsable. The camera mounting bar accomidates two LED lights. I had someone suggest laminating multiple thin pieces of wood before cutting out the lower pivot point for strength. I think that is a really good idea but so far mine is holding up just fine. You don't need a CNC router to make this, a band saw would make quick work of the pivot points.


necdetgizem made it!(author)2016-07-11

I love the mechanism! I favorited to add my to do list (=

Thanks for sharing!

splitbee made it!(author)2016-02-09

wow that's a good (looks and hope it is) easy tripod good job

CHaD4HiM made it!(author)2016-01-16

Very nice! I really enjoy your posts. Thanks!

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