Introduction: Wooden Truck

A small hand-made toycrafted entirely by wooden plates.

Step 1: Cutting Pieces From Wood Plate

Picture of Cutting Pieces From Wood Plate

list of Materiels:

1-plywood 3mm


3-white glue


5-scroll saw

6-hole saw for the wheels

Step 2: Assembling the Pieces

Picture of Assembling the Pieces

I use White glue to assemble pieces on the main chassis

Step 3: Wheel Cutting and Crafting

Picture of Wheel Cutting and Crafting

I obtained wheels by cutting small cylinders from plywood using hole saw, after cleaning with sandpaper ,i used rattan to wrap the finished wheels.

Step 4: Final Assembling :

Picture of Final Assembling :

finally we assembled the flowing parts :

1-the chasiis

2-the wheels and shafts

3-engine bloc

4-wind shield


pemazzei (author)2017-11-01

Hi, nice project to beggin in woodworking.

Please, send some measure to scale the trck.


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