•This Instructable makes a laser cut puzzle as a kit you can sell or give away

•The puzzle is a Truncated Icosahedron.

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•The attached file makes 8 (8.75” X 8.75”) panels

•5 with push out pieces

•1 cover

•2 description and instructions

Step 1: What Is a Truncated Icosahedron?

•This shape is associated with Geodesic Domes, Bucky Balls and Soccer balls

•Truncated Icosahedron has 32 sides:

•12 Pentagons

•There are 13 in the kit

•20 Hexagons

•There are 21 in the kit

• 90 edges / adjacent sides

•There are 92 tabs in the kit to connect all edges / adjacent sides

<p>very cool, looks awesome</p>

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