Wooden USB OTG





Introduction: Wooden USB OTG

USB OTG (On The Go) is supported by many Smartphones to help you connect external drives, memory cards, pen drives,keyboards or mouse etc. to the smart phones through it's micro USB port. my OTG system was made of plastic and after few weeks of use, it broke so i designed a wooden casing for it with long lasting solder connection.

Step 1: Wood Work

Step 2: Materials Used

• USB port x1

• Micro USB male plug x1

• Wires

• Glue and wood

• Tools

Step 3: End Result

i nope the making of it is self explaining from pics

Step 4: OTG Circuit

Regular USB cable Vs OTG cable



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    I have this kind of pin where do i connect the sense and ground

    just connect the 4th pin to 5,that's it :-)

    Can you please send a soldered pic of the pin

    hi hussain, you will need a 5 pin usb male plug, the regular plug of a charger etc won't work. 5 pin male is must. 4 th pin is used foe sense and it shorted to ground

    I have this kind of pin where do i connect the sense and ground


    Where is the sense connection to be made?

    I really love all of your projects! Thanks for sharing

    thank you :)

    i love ur idea..thanks.

    thank you anky :)