Step 4: Joining the Pieces

Join the top to the sides with biscuits, or whatever pleases you, and then the sides to the front. Clamp it.

While you wait for the glue to dry, measure the wide of the inside of the clock and cut a piece of thin plywood with that wide and long enough to cover the clock face hole and a bit more. Check if it fits and do a mark in the clock frame and in that piece to remember its position also mark the outside of the clock face hole in it.
Great idea! Thank you for posting.
Good work. I did not know biscuit joints, seems useful.
I´ve read that you can also do them with a router. I think that the biscuit jointer is easier to handle and faster but that only matters if you do a lot of joins.
All my works are "low profile" for now, then I use only nails and vinylic glue. If I ever do something that should look good, I'll keep this in mind, thanks.
I love the design on the face, nicely done!

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