Since birth I have loved making things, aspiring to be an Inventor. I have researched weapons to see what I could make, and I found the ninja weapons of tiger claws. ( like wolverine claws fastened to the hands. So I decided to build them. Here we go!!!

Step 1: Materials

WARNING- these are instructions to make a single claw. To make two you need double the parts. To make the claw you need - (3) 1/2 inch dowels cut 12 inches long - (1) 1/2 inch dowel cut to 1/4 inch loner than width of your hand where you will hold the handle( right under where fingers end) - assorted leather -nails with heads big enough to hold down leather - plank of wood 1 inch deep, 2 inch long by width of hand wide Tools - dremel tool with 1/2 inch sanding bit -OR- Anything capable of drilling a half inch wide half circle on the surface of the wood - hammer -screwdriver
Nice to be young and dream of enhanced extra abilities :-)
Good job my twin!
Indeed my friend!! Well not x man. Wolverine. He is an x man. Not THE x man
I can pretend that I'm x-man

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