Wooden World Map Zebra





Introduction: Wooden World Map Zebra

We make the world map of different breeds of a tree. The size of our world map will be 1174 mm * 740 mm.

It will be executed from 9 breeds of a tree. Beech, larch, ash-tree, oak, nut, padauk, wenge, iroko and sapel. Wood thickness the 16mm-25mm.

I wanted to make the world map of horizontal strips. Strips on acrylic glass 5 mm thick will be fixed by ordinary self-tapping screws.

Step 1: Drawing.

We draw in a size the world map in the Corel Draw program.

Step 2: Choooose Treeee.

Now we choose the necessary breed of a tree, we pack on it strips and we cut out preparations.

We cut out on the CNC machine.

We cover each strip with wax for a tree.

Step 3: Acryl 5mm

We cut out a basis for the world map from acrylic glass of 5 mm. We mill openings for self-tapping screws. We do them conical that the self-tapping screw didn't stick out outside.

Step 4: Assembly

Now it is necessary to fasten each stripe to an acrylic basis. We print the sketch and we collect consistently.

Step 5: Installation of a Product

We remove a protective film from a reverse side of acrylic glass.

We drill openings in a wall and we twist self-tapping screws. We mount on a wall.

Step 6: Finish.

We look and admire.

Step 7: That`s All



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Wow this is so cool!!

Nice job! Your pictures are very well lit.

Isn't it fun when your country takes up such a huge amount of the map? :)

It's perfect as it should be.

Thanks. Actually there is no limit to perfection.

That looks amazing! Keep up the good work!

Thanks. In production some more interesting products.

Can't wait to see them!