Every day of the last year I woke up in my new home-made bed still proud of my fathers and my achievement. This is until I'm looking at my alarm clock, a piece of plastic with some digital numbers indicating the time. It's about time I rebuild it in the same style as the bed.

Ok, actually this isn't true. After I made my bed I started to get annoyed not having an alarm clock near my bed, so when I was lying in bed I couldn't see what time it was. At that moment I went to the Blokker, a Dutch household shop, and bought the cheapest alarm clock which looked like it was easy for me to rebuild it into a wooden one. I especially didn't want to work on the electronics due to the lack of experience. At home it didn't take long before the clock was disassembled. The circuit board lay near my bed for almost a year. Now, a year later I decided that it was about time for the internals of the clock to get a home.

Step 1: Materials.

- alarm clock: Philips AJ3112
- wood: I used the same wood as my bed, laminated red meranti. This way the two of them match and I had a spare piece.
- thin double sided tape: For fastening the display protector.

- chisels: Wood working.
- flat wood drills: Wood working.
- 1 mm drill: antenna.
- cordless drill: For the drills.
- saw: I used a hacksaw-blade. With the smaller teeth there is less change of damaging the thin wood.
- hammer: Wood or plastic in order to damage the chisels as little as possible.
- sanding paper: Sanding (of course).
- small screwdrivers: For disassembling the alarm clock.
- miter saw: For cutting the wood the right size.
I like this, but jesus, how long did it take you to drill it out with the hole drill bit? And also, you could use some sugru or some plastic hot glued to the buttons to make them reachable from the outside.
It actually didn't take that much time. I think I did it in about half an hour. But during that time I also helped a friend of mine with his project. So when I need to take a guess, I guess it took me about 10 minutes. <br> <br>About the buttons, like I said I probably don't use them. So that is why I will leave it like this. Before I decided I would make it like this, I was thinking about something as in the shopped picture below, a groove on both side at the height of the buttons.

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Bio: I'm a mechanical engineer in the Eindhoven region. In my spare time I like to make random stuff, both usefull and especially useless.
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