Step 1: Materials and Tools

Mitre saw is really usefull, though a fretsaw might be enough. Fretsaw is a must due to round cuts.

<p>Maybe I'm overlooking the obvious, but I can't find some essential details like how you did the footings. </p>
This is a great project. I would be interested in building one that is much larger, say, for a back deck that is 16'x26'. I imagine it would have to be about 18'x30' and about 12' high (to accommodate the structure from the ground to the roof of the house not just the deck itself). I am wondering what kind of reinforcement would be needed in the center or if it could be built without the Parthenon effect where it will end up looking like a building filled with columns. Any suggestions? Has anyone ever built one to those dimensions? Anyway, beautiful structure - very pleasing to the eye.
Great job...just my kind of &quot;stuff&quot;...keep up the good work!
Cheers. Creativeman
how do you make the top
Which top, orbecerril? The one for the strips? It's a 5x10cm plank turned sideways
It's gorgeous!!
Thanks, scoochmaroo. Noone could imagine that when I brought home a pile of planks and wall studs :)

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