Wooden Arbor - Simple DIY Project





Introduction: Wooden Arbor - Simple DIY Project

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Mitre saw is really usefull, though a fretsaw might be enough. Fretsaw is a must due to round cuts.

Step 2: Construction Points and Blueprints

About the blueprints - it's made to print on 8 sheets of A4 paper. Once you print those, glue/tape them together. To aid in the process, there are letter A1BCDE.... to mark the cover and overlap. Put two sheets on the glass against your window and you should match the overlap perfectly.

The blueprint only covers the top, two rounded sides, "holder", as the rest is pretty simple 5x10 cm straight cuts.

For the small decoration (P form like) pieces and the top "spike" pieces, I drilled two holes in each. Wooden sticks then go into each one to hold them together. Use some glue to make it permanent.

Step 3: Sides

Used some natural water-resistant wood to make the sides last longer.

Step 4: Wooden Arbor - Finished Look

This is how it looks in the end. Bit of paint still missing.

I'd say a nice weekend project. Did cost me around $100 for lumber, paint, concrete



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Maybe I'm overlooking the obvious, but I can't find some essential details like how you did the footings.

This is a great project. I would be interested in building one that is much larger, say, for a back deck that is 16'x26'. I imagine it would have to be about 18'x30' and about 12' high (to accommodate the structure from the ground to the roof of the house not just the deck itself). I am wondering what kind of reinforcement would be needed in the center or if it could be built without the Parthenon effect where it will end up looking like a building filled with columns. Any suggestions? Has anyone ever built one to those dimensions? Anyway, beautiful structure - very pleasing to the eye.

Great job...just my kind of "stuff"...keep up the good work!

Cheers. Creativeman

how do you make the top

Which top, orbecerril? The one for the strips? It's a 5x10cm plank turned sideways

Thanks, scoochmaroo. Noone could imagine that when I brought home a pile of planks and wall studs :)