Wooden (brass) Knuckles


Introduction: Wooden (brass) Knuckles

I have always wanted some brass knuckles but didn't have the resources. I finally decided to make a wooden pair.

Step 1: Measuring.

First I measured my wood to the desired length.

Step 2: Cutting.

When I had measured my wood I cut it. (Apparently I didn't cut it very straight.)

Step 3: Sanding.

After I cut the wood, I sanded it.

Step 4: Shape.

Next I drew the shape of the knuckle.

Step 5: Shaping.

I used a jig saw to cut out the shape as well as the holes.

Step 6: Sanding 2

Once the knuckle was done sanded and shaped it with a grinder. (I don't have a belt sander.)

Step 7: Staining

Finally I stained it with, Golden Pecan 245. Here is the finished knuckle.



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    I'm aware, that's why I made them Wooden. Also they are only illegal to carry not to own.

    Nice project, but if you are in the US, be aware that it is illegal to possess those in all 50 states.