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Introduction: Wooden Earings for Free

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A small step by step to show you how to create wooden earrings from scrap wood.

Step 1: Preparing the Stuff

Gather some pieces of wood, no matter what wood, as long as you like how they are matching together.
Be creative !

So take some pieces of wood, clean and shape them at your taste, and make sure surfaces are flat and clean before gluing. You can use plywood too, it will make nice lines like a veneer sandwich, feel free to experiment. It's so easy you can try infinite combinations and shapes !

For these, i decided to make squares, and the fixation will be in a corner, so i cutted 45 degrees squares in my glued wooden sandwich, as shown on the picture.

Step 2: Cut and Sand

This part is fairly simple. Cut your earrings, sand the edges as you want, apply a finish and add a hook ! I've tried various edges sanding, finishing, shapes, it really simple to customise or improve. So grab some wood and go on !

I've made a box to store the earrings. Maybe i'll make an instructable about it later.

Step 3: Earrings Box

Here are some pictures of the earrings box



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    All of my best wood tools I made with woodprix. Google and try it.

    great stuff, did you use a dremel or just hand sand everything?

    all hand sanded

    yay so proud !!!
    Thanks a lot !!

    These are just lovely!! I did something rather close to this using chipboard pieces.. I dyed them first, then glued them together and then carved different designs, I didn't have the wood at that time, so I improvised..lol

    thanks a lot ! Nice idea, the result must be great !

    Really nice work, and a very imaginative use.

    What lovely work! Nice workmanship ans creativity. Could you indicate how you attached the hooks? I like the box too but the earrings best.