Wooden Elephant


Introduction: Wooden Elephant

To make it you need
Any kind of wood 10cm in lenght,7-8 height and 3 cm in width.
A handsaw.
And you could make that.



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Thanks - I was looking for a nice weekend project to share with my grandson. We made two using a bandsaw. Added a twist - sawed them in half length-wise, hollowed out one side and glued in a rare-earth magnet (recovered from a dead hard drive). Glued the halves back together and now we have 2 fridge magnets or a pair of bill holders!

A scroll saw would be much faster than a hand saw but either way works.

When I was little I used to have one of these but it had 8 holes in the top for pencils or crayons or whatnot. Could be a gift idea for a little one