Wooden Flower Cross With Scroll Saw





Introduction: Wooden Flower Cross With Scroll Saw

It all starts out by choosing a nice pattern. Found this one by searching Google.

Step 1: Glue to Work Piece

After printing out your pattern, spray the back of the image with spray adhesive. I use 3m but others will work too. Press it onto your work piece.

Step 2: Drill Holes and Begin Cutting Out.

I use a small wood bit to make entry holes for my scroll saw. Make as many holes as you need.

Step 3: Work From the Centre Outwards.

I always try to work from the Centre outwards as its pretty delicate.

Step 4: Remove Pattern

After your all done cutting out the pattern, start removing the left over pattern. It can be difficult. I sometimes run my piece under hot water to help the glue release more easier.

Step 5: Completed Piece

With all the pattern removed you get to see the final piece. I'll leave it dry for a few days then clean up a few edges left from the scroll saw. Apply a nice dark stain then a few coats of polyurethane for a nice shine and protection.

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    Nice! Have you considered burning the pattern in where it's to small to cut?Then a medium stain/poly. I'm another scroller.

    actually, yes. like the smaller leafs. always nice to meet another stroller :)