Step 13: Finishing Up

Finally, rub it with your favorite wood oil stuff (I used linseed oil) and polish it with a piece of cloth, and you are done!
Now all that you have to do it find a chain to hang it on, and either wear it yourself, or give it away. I really hope my girlfriend will like it, I have put a lot of time into this. From the time I got the idea, to the final product was done, it was almost 3 weeks, including many failed attempts.
But feel free to ask questions about the project, I will answer them as good as I can.

fleck you show talent i like these heart hop to see much more of your work . a hobby man myself .goodwork!
Thank you so much, comments like that really encourages me to keep on. I already have a few things to post, it just needs some more photos.
I have given it to her now, and she absolutely loved it. She was very very happy, so i myself could not be more satisfied.
Two thumbs up for Flecks!
Homemade jewelry that is awesome-looking and unique is always a win.<br><br>This gave me a few ideas
Thank you so much everyone! I'm really glad you liked it (:
Completely agree with the others,very nice job and I'm sure your girlfriend loves it,or will love it when you give it to her.
That is beautiful and sweet. And I completely agree, your girlfriend will love it all the more because you made it and put in the time and thought for this.
Your girlfriend won't care that you are &quot;not wealthy&quot; when you present gifts like this - the thought, care and time you put into it give the pendant a value far beyond any shop-bought gewgaw.<br><br>

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