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Last year i made this pendant for my girlfriend.. it was my very first try to make it, and it turned out pretty well, thats why im sharing some pictures. The instructable on how i made the pendant will be coming soon! Hope this will help someone with new ideas.


Corinbw (author)2015-01-22

when I make mine I am going to put magnets on each side of the pivot so it will stay in either heart or oval position.

supah4x0r (author)2013-12-15

Made this for my girlfriend's birthday, her expression was priceless. gave with a card saying "you stole my heart"

jgcpro66 (author)supah4x0r2014-02-04

Hii, im glad she liked it!!, haha i have seen that expression also.
Did you figure out how to make it turn? .. I had a tough time making it riggid enough so that i wont turn on itself. To bad i don't have pictures of that.

bricobart (author)2012-04-29

Hello Jogica!

Yesterday I posted my 'mysterious heart' Instructable and I just saw yours. Didn't see it before, I'm sorry!!!
Hope you don't mind I posted mine, seems we all loved the same movie... ;-)
Well done yours, by the way. I like the idea of putting the initials!

jgcpro66 (author)bricobart2012-05-02

Hii Bartolo ,Thanks for the compliments. I saw your mysterious heart post . I like how your heart is so thin, which makes it more elegant. What kind of wood did u use? It looks very light.

bricobart (author)jgcpro662012-05-03

Hi Jogica, I'll check this out!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-02-22

Awesome! It looks like the one in the Illusionist!

Thank you, yess that's where i got the idea from.

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