Step 9: Wooden mice by Alest Rukov

Picture of Wooden mice by Alest Rukov
At the end, I want to show you photos of different mouse models. They differ only by wood species. Several red wood types and black wood (Ebony) were used.
Fish2252 years ago
What ? No wireless meeses ? Very nice job Brudda...Gourgeous ...wish I had a CNC
grgbpm2 years ago
amazing work
i-blaze3 years ago
dude u got serious hardcore thing for woods ... sweet job btw..
These are to die for, I can't stand all the plastic either!

Do you sell them, like, on eBay or anything? They look like a major money maker!

HEY! My hands are totally too huge for most mice, can you adjust the size of the mouse and make one that is 35% wider and longer?
chuckyd3 years ago
To take it to the next level, make the cable from articulated wood pipes.
I want 1 there so awesome