Picture of Wooden mosaic vase
In this instructable I show you, how to make a simple but beautiful vase (or basically any kind of vessel) by recycling an old vase and some branches from a tree in your garden.

Step 1: What you need

Some wood branches (between 0.5cm and 3cm in diameter)
Saw (bandsaw ).
Sander (Random orbital sander)
Some vessel to glue the mosaic onto (I used a cheap tall narrow ceramic vase)
wood glue.
wood finish (I used danish oil).
jennybotha2 years ago
Really, Really LOVE this----- don't have a band saw-- only a jig saw. So don't know if it would be possible to do.!!! but it's a great idea.
derwassi (author)  jennybotha2 years ago
Thanks:-) It should also work with a jigsaw, probably even better... With the bandsaw I had quite a lot of discs shooting through the room;-)
Thanks for reply. Thinking--- wouldn't I have to hold the twig securely somehow. Can only think of a clamp--just have the kind that clamps onto a table. Bench clamps would cost the earth and on my pension, would be a real wast of money. Hmmmn!!not too good with thinking these things out.
agis682 years ago
very nice!!!!!!!!
shazni2 years ago
Hey...this is just like mine...only i wanted the uneven look...
good job. looks very nice :-D
derwassi (author)  shazni2 years ago
Very nice!
I missed it when you posted it two months ago, unfortunately.
I like the rustic look!
Katusha2 years ago
This is beautiful. You have my vote! :)
derwassi (author)  Katusha2 years ago