Wooden Pallet Up Cycle Cam Trolly Repurposed DIY Mobile Pallet Wagon





Introduction: Wooden Pallet Up Cycle Cam Trolly Repurposed DIY Mobile Pallet Wagon

Up cycling an old wooden pallet to a mobile cart or video camera all terrain camera trolly takes less than an hour with the proper approach. This version will support up to 600 pounds and has a near perfect straight path. There are several upgrades to this cart including a double wheeled version that rides along a wooden rail for smooth camera flow over rough terrain. This is also a great shop tool that allow you to load items and haul off. Because the profile is that of a pallet, an additional pallet can simple be set on top of the attached pallet allowing for easy removal of the loaded pallet with a forklift or manually. This reclaimed wood working project requires a medium skill level an will provide man years of service.



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Thank you!!! its perfect!!! I'm going out in the Christmas mob tomorrow to get materials!! Wisg me luck!!

This looks great, exactly like something I've been looking for. What a shame there are no step by step images. Where I live, my Broadband is too slow to watch YouTube.

Excellent! I don't know why it never occurred to me to make something like this! for moving heavy things about my wheelbarrow unfriendly back yard.

Clever re-use of pallets....for sure!