Picture of Wooden pedalbox for rock shows
Here's how you can make your own pedal-box for your budding DIY rock-n-roll career. You *could* buy one of these that would be lighter, but also more expensive. Why not BUILD YOUR OWN?! :)
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Step 1: Background Info

Picture of Background Info
DIY is very "rock-n-roll" these days, or so it seems - complete with heroes, big money, and, well, the presence of detectable groupies has yet to be determined.. But what could possibly be more rock-n-roll than...rock-n-roll itself?? And DIY-rock-n-roll must be like, the ultimate, right? Well anyway, if you're still reading, let's get down to business. This instructable is about building your own pedal-box, so you can bring all of your reverb/tremolo/thrash pedals to the show *already pre-connected to each other*. That way you don't have to spend valuable on-stage time plugging them all in after the earlier band finally clears out (time is of the essence here, because the only thing standing between you and thousands of screaming groupies is your lousy pile of cables and power supplies). So get moving!

Step 2: What you need

Picture of What you need
Here are the materials you need in order you make your own super-spiffy pedal-container-box...
- plywood
- small (1-inch-or-less per side) angle-braces
- nuts and bolts
- a handle
- a latch (we used window latches)

- paint or varnish
- velcro or carpeting
- cable-ties
- stickers from your favorite indie rock bands

Also a great source - for just about anything, by the way - Parts Express has road case hardware.

You can also find these, most likely, at your local guitar store. (Peavey sells em shrink wrapped on a card -

If you'd prefer a more "musiciany" solution, the same thing in recessed is what they use on pro road cases. That would require a jigsaw or router though.

Also, standard pop rivets hold great in wood.

abadfart6 years ago
nice I'm my one roadie (and i some times work with LOVEBOX) this would be nice
you can get latches that go on trailers and the such
kerns8 years ago
dude, I like this kind of latches a lot for applications like yours -,41399,41406 - they're usually very secure.
davidmerrill (author)  kerns6 years ago
yeah, those draw latches are great - probably better than what I used
actually, the ones you used look more secure. i dont trust those draw latches. im afraid they'll open up on their own.
chuckr446 years ago
"CBGB"? Is that "Comic Book Guy Bistro"?
davidmerrill (author)  chuckr446 years ago
nah, it's a famous music venue in New York that shut down in the past few years..
SystemZERO6 years ago
Those draw latches kerns posted are what I used, because they're cheap and work fine. If I was building a tougher case, I'd use some of these butterfly latches and maybe some cabinet corners. But for a regular, non-touring pedal case, what you have is fine and pretty similar to mine, except I used take apart hinges on the back side so all of the weight isn't on the latches. I also added some rubber feet on the bottom of mine to keep it from moving about
davidmerrill (author) 8 years ago
that would be so heavy!!!
That's why you have roadies... Weight is good- it lessens the chance of it moving on stage. Mine was too light! And it's not the sort of thing you have to pick up and carry around a lot.
Grimling8 years ago
is it meant to insert the electronics of an effect pedal ?If yes you need an iron box , if you use wood it wil broom more and lose quality...
that's not what it is for. you put your pedals on the pedal board to keep them organized
Von Klaus8 years ago
let's see your pedals.