Step 6: Attach the latches

Picture of Attach the latches
Now, if your DIY experience is starting to inexplicably suck, have a glass of water or two - you're probably dehydrated.

Now that you're feeling better, take heart - you're almost ready for rock-n-roll! Attach the latches to the box so that they will keep it closed when you're carrying it around. If you can find better latches than these, please post pictures - these particular ones are probably the weakest part of the current design.

Latches like these will most likely come with their own wood screws for attachment.

Also a great source - for just about anything, by the way - Parts Express has road case hardware.


If you'd prefer a more "musiciany" solution, the same thing in recessed is what they use on pro road cases. That would require a jigsaw or router though.

Also, standard pop rivets hold great in wood.

kerns9 years ago
dude, I like this kind of latches a lot for applications like yours - http://www.leevalley.com/hardware/page.aspx?c=2&p=43997&cat=3,41399,41406 - they're usually very secure.
davidmerrill (author)  kerns7 years ago
yeah, those draw latches are great - probably better than what I used
SystemZERO7 years ago
Those draw latches kerns posted are what I used, because they're cheap and work fine. If I was building a tougher case, I'd use some of these butterfly latches and maybe some cabinet corners. But for a regular, non-touring pedal case, what you have is fine and pretty similar to mine, except I used take apart hinges on the back side so all of the weight isn't on the latches. I also added some rubber feet on the bottom of mine to keep it from moving about