Step 8: Wrap up - coatings, inside, power, etc..

Picture of Wrap up - coatings, inside, power, etc..
Well, the structure is built. Have another glass of water. Think about how you'd like to arrange your pedals on the inside of the box.

But before you stick the pedals in there permanently, there are a few final things to think about:

- Painting the box? This will help weather-proof it, and generally make it more durable. On the other hand, if you like the natural wood look, a wood varnish (sometimes called "marine varnish") will let it show through. You could even put a wood stain onto it first (before varnish!) if you want it to look like dark mahogany - this is a nice touch. Stickers will also stick better to a varnished box than to a raw plywood one.

- What material you want inside the box? Your pedals won't stick to the wood itself. Coating the inside "floor" of the box with velcro can be a good way to keep pedals in place (use the soft side on the box, scrapey side on the bottom of the pedals).

- If you want to keep the inside of the box bare wood, you could use cable-ties through the bottom of the box. Arrange your pedals where you want them, then make dots with a pencil where you want to drill holes through the box. Dril the holes, and thread cable ties around and through to keep the pedals in place.

- Power - you could cable-tie or velcro a power-strip right into the inside of the box! Then all you have to do at a show is to plug it into the wall, plug your audio cables through, and you're ready to go. Think about all the extra time with the fans!