Wooden Pixel Lamp





Introduction: Wooden Pixel Lamp

6x6x18 inch wooden pixel lamp

Step 1: Gathering Stuff

I've not done an instructable for a while, it's not that I've been lazy, far from it, it's just I've been making a lot of the same things I've already made instructables for, I have spent the last year refining my craft,amongst other things,

anyways your here for the lamp, so,
I don't have a cnc or lazercutter , I do everything the old fashioned way, so it's cutting and sanding and glueing etc etc, first off you'll need:-

1, 2x 12 foot lengths of inch by inch

2,saw or mitre saw

3,sanding belt, or just sanding paper



6,good old coffee

7,a few electrical bits, a lamp bulb holder, wire and plug(all easily picked up from a hardware store)

8,e6000 or evo stick, or any glue that's OK with heat and drys pretty quick.

Step 2: Cutting

The first thing I did was set up my mitre saw with a inch stop, so that when I cut the lenghts of wood, I wouldn't have to measure each cut,

To set it up, I clamped a piece of scrap wood an inch from the blade, then did a test cut to make sure it was correct, then I set to it, I think around 300 blocks out of the 2 lenghts of wood.

Step 3: Sanding

Once I cut the 300 blocks, the fun began Haha,

sanding every block, and every edge, this took a while, about 4 hours, it was mind numbing, and repetitive, and after an hour, your hands will hurt, but take breaks or spread it out, whatever it takes to get the job done, and job done! 300 nearly identical blocks ready to play with.

Step 4: Setting Base and Light Base

I know in the picture I have superglue, don't try it, your wasting your time, my idea was to "tack" the blocks in place with the superglue then use pva wood glue on each block, but it takes to long, the superglue doesn't hold to well, and the pva takes to long to dry,

anyways, set out your Base, 6 x 6 blocks, make sure there is room for your bulb, I used a set square to true everything up, then use the e6000 or whatever glue you decided to use, and start sticking the Base together.

Step 5: Design and Layout

Once your Base is sorted, it's time for the fun bit, the design, I started with about 5 or 6 rows of just straight blocks (leaving a block out at the bottom of the first row for the wire to be inserted,
I found you can do a row or 2 at a time with the e6000 glue, then give it half hour to set enough to start the next few rows,

Step 6: This Bits Up to You.....

Right this bit, it's totally your call, you can go mental and do anything, or make them all uniform, whatever you decide, it's up to you, I decided to start out uniform, then slowly start to disband and go mental, I wanted it to look like it's mid explosion or a tower hit by a hurricane, I didn't have a plan on paper, I just eyeballs it and did what I wanted and what looked right to me,

At this point, it helps to have a set square,and build it on a flat table or work space, I found you can stick quite a few at a time the run the set square up to the Tower and make sure your not waving or leaning.

Step 7: Keep Going!

And again go as high as you like, I used all 300 blocks, and again using the set square to help true bits up, although as I got higher, it didn't mater to much about it being totally spot on,

Also. Before you get to high, wire in your light, (in the uk) it's 2 wires, there's nothing hard about it at all, but if your unsure, do a search specific to your country about wiring a plug, I'm not sure if wires differ in different countries so I don't want to blow you up by accident.

Step 8: And There You Go!

Once everything is stuck and you've give it 12 hours just to be sure everything is stuck fast, stick a bulb in and enjoy your beautiful lamp!

Thanks for looking!



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This is perfect! My family does kris kringle for xmas and I got my cousin who is a big board gamer and this would be a perfect gift for him! Gotta start getting my supplies now!!! Thanks for this great idea!

Neckbone mentioned Minecraft...if you painted the blocks varied shades of green & brown with some red & yellow thrown in it would be amazing for our Minecraft fans! But I love the one you did for a living room too! Thank you for giving so much detail.

This is pretty spiffy! I want to make one that looks like a weathered old castle tower. maybe add some red plastic around the inside of the base so the light leaking out would look creepy.

I would maybe recommend Jenga pieces, just because I think it would be easier.

Very cool! This inspires me to make lotsa things like that,using wood 'bricks'...I love it. I have a couple projects going (folk fiddle ible by nckirby and a soprano uke) but this one is next. Will definitely be back for "I made it"!

awesome!!!, I`ll made it and click down (I Made it!) button..

Thank you

really awesome, amazing job and effort, I have no idea on how to use the saw and the sanding belt to make one, but maybe I'll get some help from a joiner person to do it. thank you.

great original idea and wonderful documentation. I will make one when I move to my new place in May. Thanks.

Real effort and a great job matson23. I will make one when I shift to my new place in May.