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these are the two rings I made from wood, and the Green Lantern ring that I made an Instructable for. The first two are carved with the Dremel, then hand cut for the design. Each one is then stained and sealed with polyurethane. The whole process for the Green Lantern Ring is here. Green Lantern Ring There is also an Instructable for the heart ring that explains what it is. Jewel Ring

I also have a slideshow of some ray guns that I made from wood as well.
I'm really enjoying making these, and as I make more I'll add them here.


dylankunaikennedy (author)2011-06-07

this was published on my birthday :D

Skwaab (author)dylankunaikennedy2011-07-09

Your spelling is immaculate for a 4 year old

dylankunaikennedy (author)Skwaab2011-07-10

lol no on the 3rd of decembre haha im acc 13

mrbrian1969 (author)2011-05-26

I carved mine out of pearwood with just a homemade wood carving knife

toogood (author)2008-02-23

heres one you could try Its a byzantine ring glued between two wooden rings

bendog38 (author)toogood2011-04-18

That's FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Nautilus34 (author)toogood2009-04-25

THAT THING IS SO COOL!!!! nothing i would wear, but would go great with a viking costume or something

fighterpilot1 (author)toogood2008-10-21

Im likin' it!

Kaiven (author)toogood2008-10-01

That looks cool!

laruebridge (author)2011-03-23

Just in case anyone interested, the company American Science and Surplus no longer carries the wooden pieces. Per email I sent inquiring.

Thank you for writing. Although it’s been a couple of years now since we had the 27065 wooden piece assortment available, we appreciate you thinking of us. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you in the future.

With best regards,

CJ Baehni
American Science and Surplus

laruebridge (author)2011-03-09

I looked through all the tutorials for your rings and you did not provide item # for the wood purchased from American Science and Surplus, I went to the site and was unable to find wood bits. Do you have the order #. Thanks in advance.

aintMichael (author)laruebridge2011-03-10

search for "27065 WOODEN PARTS". You get a pound of assorted parts for $2.50. Not all the parts are the same, but everytime i"ve bought them they have similar stuff so I would guess you'd get the same circles as I do.

jakesllama (author)2009-06-19

nice rings i made a few of these too and showed them at colledge

are you sure you're ready for "colledge" 

labtech52 (author)ComplacentBard2010-12-05

It was obviously a typo dumb a**, check your keyboard again and look at the proximity of the "e" to the "d". Trying to bastardized an individual's intelligence without probable reason doesn't make you witty.

ComplacentBard (author)labtech522011-01-31

It was a joke. I obviously did not mean anything by it. Please calm down.

labtech52 (author)ComplacentBard2011-02-01

Well it was facetious if anything. However duly noted, I retract my sentiments then.

lunius (author)labtech522010-12-21

although, just to make it even better, remove the "d" at the end of "bastardize" :D

I agree completely however.

jakesllama (author)labtech522010-12-06

Well said!

rhoddity (author)ComplacentBard2010-11-26


1KingDavid (author)2010-12-18

I was wondering, where do you get your wood ring blanks?

aintMichael (author)1KingDavid2010-12-18

I order bags of wood bits from American Science and Surplus. I'm pretty sure in one of my ring Instructables I put the item number. It's basically just a bunch of random wooden shapes, and there's usually a bunch of little circles that I use.

Hope that helps!

hjd42 (author)aintMichael2011-01-03

Do you sell these normally? If I wanted to buy one of them? Please let me know. I really like one of them.

aintMichael (author)hjd422011-01-04

Potentially, it may take me a little while to make another. Which one are you looking at?

hjd42 (author)2011-01-03

Hello. I was wondering if you sell these? I have interest in purchasing one. Please let me know very soon. Thank you very much.

tibbaryllis (author)2009-07-05

I made mine and my wife;s wedding rings out of wood.. The way I did it was more difficult then cutting out rounds, but very strong. I layered pieces of veneer so that there were multiple layers in a circular form. The wood grain of each layer ran the opposite direction, the rings were glued with standard wood glue and allowed to dry under pressure. They are about as durable as equal sized gold bands

Lokisgodhi (author)tibbaryllis2010-03-12

So basically you  made them out of home made plywood. Hope your wife appreciated the work that went into them. 

aintMichael (author)tibbaryllis2009-07-06

awesome. i was thinking of doing something similar, I'm glad to know it works so well.

Boof2510 (author)2009-06-06

hey if u can get ur hands on a scroll saw thats da bets for this kinda stuff, and there is heaps more u can do with one, ie photo frames.

PyroMaster007 (author)2009-02-11

Wow. i like the first one. when i get homw, i am going to try it. So can i just drill a hole large enough for my pocket knife to fit into, then carve away. how's that? do you tink it'll work? if it does, i'll send you a picture.

21GeeOff21 (author)2009-01-24

im making a simple band but i have very limited tools i managed to round up a drill+bit for hole a file and a wood carving knife

aintMichael (author)21GeeOff212009-01-26

i would imagine that's all you really need. good luck!

21GeeOff21 (author)aintMichael2009-01-26

worked out pretty well but i brought it to school today i let someone take a look at it and when they were handing it back they dropped it its got stepped on and it is no more but i did find our long lost dremel rotary tool so i think ill make another :)

mynameisjonas (author)2009-01-06

I love your rings! what woods did you use?

I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I think it was pine. oh, and thanks!

Wareagle (author)2008-10-21


Dcdevilsfan (author)2008-08-30

How do I make the first two rings you should show how to make them or the process.

aintMichael (author)Dcdevilsfan2008-08-31

I don't really have any instructions, other than they follow the same idea as the Green Lantern Ring, I just did the outer designs with a sharp knife instead of carving it up with the logo.

el hersh (author)2008-08-27

These are great! i made one out of black walnut so it was hell to sand that things never gona break!

aintMichael (author)el hersh2008-08-28

Hey thanks. I've been playing with some other types of wood myself, if I finish anything I'll put it up.

butters8754 (author)2007-12-04

Yeah man those are sick rings! Really cool.....if only I had that much talent. Maybe ill give it a go?

skill can substitute well for talent... and skill can be acquired with practice. if you want to be better at something just do it more

aintMichael (author)butters87542007-12-04

Go for it! I had no idea hat i was doing, i just thought i'd give it a shot.

ihadabucket (author)2007-12-26

my wooden ring

thanks for the great idea!

how have your rings held up to wear & tear?

my dad seems to think they'll be easy to break, and i have to admit i snapped a few before i got one to work...

aintMichael (author)ihadabucket2007-12-26

awesome ring. I haven't had any issues with them breaking, but from the pics I would say that mine are a bit thicker. I was worried that they would be fragile if I made them to thin. Depending on the type of wood and how dry it gets there could be quite a bit of flexibility though. I'm not a wood expert by any means but it seems from the research I've done that dryness is the biggest problem, so oiling or sealing the wood would make a big difference in durability.

aintMichael (author)aintMichael2007-12-26

also the direction of the grain plays a big part too. wood will split along the grain a hundred times easier than against it.

and if you get a piece right next to a knot, you have grain from the branch and grain from the branch-that-is-growing-out-of-the-first-branch ... and these two grains run in two different directions, so you have either a piece that is pretty much like every other piece of wood, a piece that splits even easier than others or, if you are kinda lucky, you get a piece that is strong in both directions and sorta doesn't have grain to split along. These pieces are often really nicely figured too,

ihadabucket (author)aintMichael2007-12-27

thanks man, i spent like 4 hours tonight out in my dad's shop making like 8 or 9 more i'm def oiling them, sanding between coats and letting stuff soak in...

Chuck P. (author)2008-03-21

Man i really need a wood carving set lol

mjdo (author)2008-01-01

yes please a video would be kickass

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