Wooden Rings





Introduction: Wooden Rings

these are the two rings I made from wood, and the Green Lantern ring that I made an Instructable for. The first two are carved with the Dremel, then hand cut for the design. Each one is then stained and sealed with polyurethane. The whole process for the Green Lantern Ring is here. Green Lantern Ring There is also an Instructable for the heart ring that explains what it is. Jewel Ring

I also have a slideshow of some ray guns that I made from wood as well.
I'm really enjoying making these, and as I make more I'll add them here.



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    Your spelling is immaculate for a 4 year old

    I carved mine out of pearwood with just a homemade wood carving knife

    heres one you could try Its a byzantine ring glued between two wooden rings


    That's FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

    THAT THING IS SO COOL!!!! nothing i would wear, but would go great with a viking costume or something

    That looks cool!

    Just in case anyone interested, the company American Science and Surplus no longer carries the wooden pieces. Per email I sent inquiring.

    Thank you for writing. Although it’s been a couple of years now since we had the 27065 wooden piece assortment available, we appreciate you thinking of us. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you in the future.

    With best regards,

    CJ Baehni
    American Science and Surplus