Picture of Wooden scales on Swiss Army Knife
Hello everybody :D
For those of you who have always wanted to have wooden SAK scales you dont need to search for them becouse today i will show you how to make one.
Unfortunately my SAK fell into the hot water and scales are narrowed and they cant fit on a knife (actually its Garlach Poland not SAK but its the same technicque for making SAK scales)
Wooden scales look more "professional" and expensive since all SAKs are made with red plastic.
Ive done this with knife,file,sandpaper and saw so you wont need anything expensive 

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Step 1: You will need

Picture of You will need
-Swiss Army Knife
-File or Rasp
-Saw or Dremel
-Glue (something for wood and metal)
-Pencil (for markings)

-Wood Laquer 
-Wood Stain

Step 2: Picking Wood

Picture of Picking Wood
Just make sure you use hardwood (you can use softwood but its not so durable) 
The dimensions are 3x20 (actually 18,2x2,1 but always use bigger wood)

After you pick wood you need to saw it in half (3x10 and 3x10)
Its easy to do that 

 Notice: You will need to remove your SAK scales for next step (sorry for no step because my scales are already removed)

Step 3: Mark and cut it

Picture of Mark and cut it
Now you will need your old SAK scales and pencil
Add 1-2 mm and later you can sand that 
Cut it and for small details file or sand it
I used 80 grit sandpaper and file
Both sides o have to be flatened

Step 4: Keep sawdust

Picture of Keep sawdust
If you need wood filler you can make it easy with sawdust and wood glue
Mix it 50/50 

Step 5: Sand edges

Picture of Sand edges
Now you will need to file and sand edges so they will be smooth
I started with 80 grit then 180 , 600 grit and last 1000 grit 
Doing this fine sanding ensures the handle edges are finished nicely before we apply finish
Just follow the picture (scales are not glued on knife)

Hi.Very poor finish , the handle is not good at all. Sorry I have see much better hand made handles. Also I notice this wood is not aceptable for this work , it can easy break longitudinal it is for roof structures not for small parts. Regards. I potrudi se malo mnogo vise.

tutdude98 (author)  dejan.pavlovski.9849 months ago

Mogao sam ali sam napravio ovu dršku samo zato jer mi se plastična rastopila, a i drška je zaljepljena na metal pa bi se prije odlijepila nego pukla

orbit.al1 year ago
Nice! Want to do this to mine. Didn't realise the plastic scales are not glued on until I looked up a youtube vid. Just got to find a nice bit of scrap hardwood now