This is a home-made wooden surfboard that I made out of 3/8 inch pine plywood. Sanded it down on the edges to get a nice edge. Bent it. Then painted it and used a polyurethane to seal and waterproof the wood. Works great and looks sick!
I'm going to make a full step by step instructable soon plus a instructable on a long board and board press.
<p>hi there i know its been 5 years but any chance of instructions?</p>
Does it float a full grown man because it doesn't look very buoyant
Its not made to float on, its made to pull behind a boat like if you were to water ski
<p>so not for waves?</p>
I would say yes...the alaya is made the same way...just no fins...and it floats...it truly depends on wave height...a board like this would be rad for shore break <br>
i would love to see an instructable on this! My dad grew up in california making his own surfboards, and this gives me a chance to make one! Rated 5 stars!
This is my first board so far, I will make an ible on one soon <br>
Im not sure I would trust my 230+lbs on a wave with this but we used to make something very similar to pull behind a boat (in the late 60's wakeboarding wasn't a term) thank you for sharing
dont sink it

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