Wooden Tablet Stand


Introduction: Wooden Tablet Stand

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine gave me lots of slightly damaged planks he could bring from his work. And I thought: " Why not build something whit them? ". So I started to make a wooden tablet stand.

Step 1: What Do You Need?


☞ plank


☞ wood glue
☞ jig saw
☞ milling machine
☞ belt sander
☞ sandpaper

Step 2: The Design

As you can see in the image, I made two simple looking but beautiful designs. I made the one at the bottom.

Step 3: Build the Frame (Or How Do You Call the Thing I Make in This Step)

First of all, I had to find a good plank that I could use for my tablet stand. The plank I used was about 3/5" thick so i sawed it in two pieces and glued them to each other.
Do not use to much glue like you can see I did. Because I experienced that if you use to much glue, it spills along all sides :)

Step 4: Draw the Design on the Plank

Copy your design from the paper to your plank. Be sure that you draw the design parallel with the side of the plank otherwise you can't mill the slot right.

Step 5: Mill Out the Slot

In this step I milled out the slot of my tablet stand. The thickness of the slot depends on the thickness of your tablet, my tablet is with his case 12mm thick, so I took a milling cutter of 12mm and sanded it a bit. The length of the slot depends also on the length of your tablet.


Step 6: Saw the Stand

After I've milled out the slot, I sawed out the stand.

Step 7: Sand!

First, I sanded the stand with my belt sander to get the perfect form. Later, I used sandpaper for the finishing touch.

Step 8: DONE!

Here you got some pictures of how awesome this tablet stand looks!



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    How Thick was the wood you used and what kind of wood did you use?

    Thanks, and oh yes, the intro and title are gone. I don't know how but it's just gone...

    Is the title "what do you need?" intentional or you just messed up editing the steps? :)

    Of course that doesn't change the fact that I like the stand. Simple and functional is good!

    This is really nice, I currently hold my tablet up on a stand made from Lego Duplo blocks so the kids can watch movies etc but they're always pulling the blocks off and rearranging them. think I'm gonna give this a go during the Christmas holidays.

    Your final stand looks nice - I like clean lines in wood that show off the natural beauty. You might want to change your intro photo to show off your project rather than displaying a plain board!