Introduction: Wooden Thumb Drive

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I had to design a small serie of USB for a design conference in Montreal and here was one of my concepts.

Step 1: Iron + Adhesive Veneer

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First, remove the plastic shell of your old USB.
Cut the shape you want in the adhesive veneer sheet.
Put the USB drive in between the two sheets. Sticky sides facing the pc-board.
Iron the edges until the merge.
Repeat for the cap.
Sand down the excess glue and wood for a sharp edge.
You are done!

Step 2: Experience

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It might take a few tries before you get the design you want. Make sure not to make it too wide or you'll probably end-up hiding the other computer's inputs.


beehard44 (author)2012-03-06

i think a more rugged and a better looking version is to make 2 halves of a USB case "shell" then glue them together on the sides using wood glue or epoxy, then placing the USB inside and securing with epoxy

vanmankline (author)beehard442012-03-17

The author's method is very simple, yet an effective way to encase a drive in wood.

My initial thought was to use a method like yours. However, that requires more attention to detail, time, and tools than the published method.

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