Wooden Tie and Bowtie





Introduction: Wooden Tie and Bowtie

Two fine accessories I made. All from old recycled wood and only by hand. (The tie from an old cupboard and the bowtie from an old oak fence). The bow took around ~2 hours to make and tie about ~4 hours, but I just love how they came out. Note: they are my first woodworking projects, altough I had made a few vinyl record clocks previously and some copper roses but these made the biggest impact. I already tested the bow and people love it. Maybe because it's from Oak.

P.S. This is not an tutorial, but I have some photos from the making process. Write a comment if you would like to see them.

Big thanks for the instructable page because I got the idea from here!

* I'm participating in a few contests so It would awesome if you could vote, maybe the beginners luck will shine this time :)

Step 1: Some Photos From the Making Process

1- cutting out the shape from an old cupboard shelf(other pieces were used in testing out the different burn graphics)

2- burning the lines into the piece and making it look older ( I used a butane torch, that you can find in camping stoves)

3- cutting the piece in almost equal sizes, drilling them out ant connecting everything with fishing line. (I know I should have used nylon string, but i didin't had any, and recycled the old line)

4- in the end you just need to improvise a way to put the tie on your neck and your set to go pick up hipster chicks

Step 2: Making the Bowtie

It was made really simmilar, only from an old oak fence. I cut out the shape, sanded it out and made it look old and cool.



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very simple but effective love it ''bow ties are cool" - 11th doctor thanks jimmy from kidintheworkshop in newzeaand

Yes awesome project. Can u show a how to??

Nicely made, I think I may have to try making one. Thanks for sharing.

Cool to know you liked it, thanks man

Nicely made! Just so you know: I saw the same kind of tie in Richmond last week going for about $30 in a Cary Town shop.

So awesome to hear that people like my creations! I feel so inspired to make new things, thank you all!

That turned out looking great!

Awesome... I'm going to start on one as soon as I get home

This is really cool!