The idea behind this project was to create a simple and useful woodworking vice (yes, that's how you spell it over here in the UK) that could be clamped to my makeshift workbench (my desk).

As I don't have any metal working equipment, and only a few hand tools, a wood based vice made sense. Also, the wooden clamps I made a few weeks ago have performed so well that they seemed to be a good base for the project.

Step 1: Tools

To build this project I used the following tools:

A bench hook (home-made)
Two wooden clamps (home-made too)
Panel saw
Hack saw
A plane
Marking guage
A square
A drill
And a sharp pencil

Step 2: Materials

The vice is built from a recycled piece of MDF, to give the flat vice faces, and some stronger stock to act as a clamp - a section of 2x1 would be ideal, but this is just what I had lying around (and I dont mind using a saw and a plane).

The threaded rod is M6 and so are the nuts and washers - this should be plenty strong enough.

Step 3: Cut the Stock

From the left:

The clamp rails are 30cm x 2.5cm x 4.5cm

The MDF face plates are 14cm x 18cm x 2cm

The front rail is 18cm x 3cm x 2cm

The studding is 14cm and 24cm

Step 4: Drilling the Main Rod Holes

This is a relatively simple build, just be sure to keep the vice faces and the back rail sandwiched together with clamps before drilling the holes for the studding - good alignment will improve the strength.

Also once the first hole is drilled, thread a piece of studding through the sandwich to ensure the second hole will be true.

Step 5: Assembly

Now all you do is put all the pieces together.

After assembly the front face was sticking so I've widened the holes to 9mm improving the travel.

Enjoy !
<p>Hey Matt, </p><p>Thanks for putting together this project. Any chance though you could add some more detail on the drilling and assembly for a beginner like me? Thanks!</p>
<p>Hi, I've added your project to the <em style="">&quot;</em><em style="">Make Your Own Bench-Vise!</em><em style="">&quot;</em> Collection</p><p>This is the link If you are interested:</p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Own-Bench-Vise/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Own-Benc...</a></p>
<p>Nifty idea, saves a lotta money! </p>
<p>.... EPIC! AMAZINGLY SIMPLE! A+ Plus on this idea. I've seen store bought ones, made out of cheap-fake-wood, that do not hold up. And they are really stupid-expensive. Now, I just got into woodworking not too long ago, and very much a newbie, but I use larger stock. Can your design be adapted, for longer stock? example, I am sanding to long board sides, together at one time so they are even-finished? probl'y a stupid question. But thanks for your help! I AM SO GOING TO MAKE A SMALL ONE! Lastly, any ideas, if wood desk seal would help it, stand up to the weather? </p>
WHen pressured is applied to the wing nuts, the jaws form a &quot;V&quot; instead of straight alignment. How do I fix? Jaws too wide? Nuts too low??
<div>I have used this technique exactly some time ago but mostly to do hold down wooden clamps and handsrew clamps.</div> <div>For a vise I think it works ok if you have the patients to go through all those fine threads.</div> <div>Otherwise a good instructable, thanks for sharing it.</div>
&nbsp;Yeah, the fine threads are a pain, but it does make a good spare. (BTW I love the concept of the Smallest Workshop in the World)<br /> <br /> Matt<br />
&nbsp;I would have used larger rods, and i would have used 3 of them, and only put a nut on the middle one. That's just me though, what you have done should work fine too.<br />
Im going to build one of these for my Desk (For my electrical and woodworking projects in my bedroom). Thanks for the idea
You made a wooden vise. Wood vice would be illegal things done by wood. Otherwise, you have a nice Instructable. Thank you for it.
Glad you liked it Phil. However, according to my Oxford English dictionary 'Vice' is indeed the correct spelling - we brits are funny like that.
<br/>A wood vice is something that can be used to hold wood. A wooden vice is something MADE OF wood, that could hold something.. like more wood. <br/><br/>Yes? So it's not the spelling of the word &lt;vice&gt; being addressed. <br/><br/>The words &quot;wood vice&quot; describe an immorality on the part of, or perhaps implemented using, wood. Ahem. Erm. Hehehhhh...<br/><br/>The description of a vice as &quot;wooden&quot; signifies that the vice is *made of* wood. Or stiff in it's delivery of a punchline. Ba-dumph tsssh.<br/>
You made a wooden <strong>vise</strong>. Wood <strong>vice </strong>would be illegal things done by wood.<br/><br/>Phil was making *both* points, the spelling and the wooden ones.<br/><br/>also, technically a wooden vice would make an ideal wood vice as it wouldn't damage the wood like a metal vice would. So it's accurate either way<br/>
can someone get the hook please. For our next act........
Err, well, thanks for clearing that up Kerns ;)
I apologize. I did not realize you are from the UK. I know there are such differences between UK and US usage, but was not aware of that one. I had run into "C clamps" (US) and "G cramps" (UK). Thanks for tolerating my lack of knowledge.
Matt, Do you have a instructable to wooden clamps? great instructable! ;)
Haven't made one yet, but will do so at the weekend - I need a couple more clamps for a project I'm working on at the mo' so I'll take some pictures :)
great instructable, very useful vice from simple and cheap materials. /Thomas
Thanks Thomas, that's a great compliment coming from you.
I think this is helpful for a lot of people without beautiful vice, but I have an ancient metal vice that is too good to be usurped by woodage.
Well if that's you in your profile picture I'm not about to start an argument !
Of course that is me. Start it.
what a great idea . must be cos ur a brit ! ! We are the best
Thanks a lot for you comment, and I'm sure Great Britain thanks you for your patriotism ;)
Nice :) The threads seem like they'd be fine enough that it might be a headache.
Yes indeed, that's one of the problems with it. I had a thought of hacking up an old g-clamp to get the threaded rod out of that (which has a much steeper pitch), but I haven't worked out how to fix the female side to the face of the vice (if you see what I mean).

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