Step 11: Cut and crimp feet slot

Picture of Cut and crimp feet slot
With tin snips, cut out a chunk of the can to make a hole to feed sticks into the fire while a pot is on it. With your multitool or pliers, crimp the edges in to strengthen the cut and reduce the chances of snagging a finger.

Remove the bottom of the can with your safety opener, and discard.

Slice through the top, leaving a ring that can be stored between the walls or nested into the top ring of the can.

schwieb6 years ago
Great tutorial, I seriously mean that. I do have a question about this step though. Everything else you did looks very neat and tidy, but here everything looks a bit ragged. This is not meant as a criticism. I was just wondering what happened. Is it maybe the cutting tool or the thin can wall or something? This might help me to select different materials when I build mine. Great work.
atman (author)  schwieb6 years ago
Two things happened here... One is the can is a cheap Chinese piece of crap :-) hey, it got the bamboo shoots here, so it did its job! I even dropped it before I opened it, denting one of the sides slightly. The quality of the steel is one reason the holes are jagged. The other reason it's on the raggedy side is the tin snips I was using are the kind that look like a parrot's beak Use the kind that look like a robin's beak instead. Other people have had good results building the pot stand out of stainless steel mesh. Ordinary hardware cloth will burn through in a matter of days.