Picture of Woodpunk Chair
First of all to give credit where credit is due.  I was searching for steampunk on instructables one day and I came across Jeff-o's lamp and loved the design and the idea of calling it "woodpunk" Visit his stuff. Its awesome!         

I saw http://www.instructables.com/member/kcedgerton/ and liked the idea for wood ball bearings; but I didn't use a lathe because I wanted to make a really big one that could hold my weight. I weigh about 190lbs this week. Next week? Maybe more, Maybe less. :)

This is a Woodpunk chair. I have always loved the Punk Genre(Steampunk/Dieselpunk) and the design style. If you are interested in my approach to the design and wish to learn a little more about my background I'm going to put all that stuff at the end of the instructable. I just don't want to get in the way of your work, you have plenty to do when it comes to building this! I promise it's a lot of fun!!

          I have been racking my brain trying to figure out the best way to help you draw out and make some pretty precise cuts. I think I have come up with some fun and innovative ways to help you do just that. 

          Whether you make this on a ShopBot CNC or just in your basement go get a pair of calipers I have a cheap pair of digital calipers that cost me around 10 dollars. Just make sure they go out to at least 3 decimal places, and measure at least 6".

          First let's talk about material. This chair is designed for use with .75" plywood. I would recommend AA which is nice and ready to finish on both sides, or AB which is ready to finish on one side and clean and smooth on the other but not ready to finish. Take your calipers with you when you go shopping; measure the thickness at both ends try to find a sheet of plywood that is consistently between .69" and .72" The closer you get to .75 the tighter the chair will fit together. (.72" will fit snug and you probably won't have to sand too much.) Also make sure the board is nice and flat you can check this by looking down the side of the board if it curves grab another, I got lucky and found a good straight board about six sheets down. The people at the Home improvements stores are pretty understanding and helpful with this.

          I've broken this Instructable up into two parts; Those who choose to make it manually, or those who have a ShopBot CNC machine or have access to one. If you have a ShopBot Read Step one then go skip ahead to step 10.

This instructable is rather simple if you have a ShopBot CNC and a copy of AUTOCAD 2012. But if not you will have to make this the hard way! Hopefully this will show what a powerful tool  a ShopBot could be.

Okay, all you John Henrys out there looking to do it the hard way continue through the scenic route step by step.

buck22172 months ago

That is stunning looking

for to have the dxf file where i can search ? Wonderful chair

BMor 1 year ago
Would these dimensions work using 1/4" stainless steel? If not, where do I need to subtract 1/2" from to make it work? I want to use thick polished Stainless and TIG weld it.
jeff-o3 years ago
Congratulations! Great name, by the way. ;)
Congrat's on the Furniture Challenge runner-up win! We are, as always, so impressed with your skills and gifts, and this chair is a fantastic exemplar! :)
paqrat3 years ago
This is totally awesome!!
flyingpuppy3 years ago
How much would you sell one of these for? I don't have the patience to make one, but it's beautiful!
HandyLandy (author)  flyingpuppy3 years ago
Well if I had a ShopBot....
randomray3 years ago
Looks very cool , but really uncomfortable . How is it to set in ?
HandyLandy (author)  randomray3 years ago
very comfortable the seat has a slope of 18" at the front down to 16.5" so it cradles you very well
tinker2343 years ago
wow cool this would be awesome in brass or a paint like brass love the design i think i cold just sketch the sides and try to make a pattern
HandyLandy (author)  tinker2343 years ago
You could take The DXF file down to a large document printer and ask them to print them out on blueprint sized sheets
i will thanks there is a local one that really good
tinker2343 years ago
amazing sorry this is amazing saw the planes to wrapped up in the details thanks