Step 8: The Back Support Brackets

Okay here is the back support brackets follow the pictures. We will have to go to the next step before finishing this part, it has to do with  aligning some holes. So you won't get the instant gratification we are all so accustomed to. ;( 
<p>That is stunning looking</p>
<p>for to have the dxf file where i can search ? Wonderful chair</p>
Would these dimensions work using 1/4&quot; stainless steel? If not, where do I need to subtract 1/2&quot; from to make it work? I want to use thick polished Stainless and TIG weld it.
Congratulations! Great name, by the way. ;)
Congrat's on the Furniture Challenge runner-up win! We are, as always, so impressed with your skills and gifts, and this chair is a fantastic exemplar! :)
This is totally awesome!!
How much would you sell one of these for? I don't have the patience to make one, but it's beautiful!
Well if I had a ShopBot....
Looks very cool , but really uncomfortable . How is it to set in ?
very comfortable the seat has a slope of 18&quot; at the front down to 16.5&quot; so it cradles you very well
wow cool this would be awesome in brass or a paint like brass love the design i think i cold just sketch the sides and try to make a pattern
You could take The DXF file down to a large document printer and ask them to print them out on blueprint sized sheets
i will thanks there is a local one that really good
amazing sorry this is amazing saw the planes to wrapped up in the details thanks

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