Steve Mann with Max Lu, at Autodesk Pier 9:

A previous Instructable taught how to make an underwater musical instrument (the innards, sounding, etc.), or, if you want really high-end pipework it can be obtained from Splashtones.com

We're inspired by the boat building tradition along the shores of the San Francisco coast.

So let's make a really nice marine-inspired housing (basin) for the hydraulophone (underwater pipe organ).

Our instrument is in the shape of a sea shell, but you can design any shape, such as a maple leaf (like the one on the Canadian flag), or a boat or ship-themed shape.

The housing helps save water, by efficiently capturing and recirculating the instrument's water.

Step 1: CAD: Design the Overall Shape, and Create Layers for It.

The key to great design is collaboration.

Fusion 360 is a great way to bring collaborative ideas to reality.

In the past we've used Solidworks, and shared designs across several of our locations, MIT, Stanford, Toronto, etc., and this has been problematic. For example, we send out a Solidworks file to 2 different collaborators who each make revisions and send back. Then we have to merge them, and quickly we get a mess.

Fusion 360 is like a Google document for CAD, in which we all see and share and edit the same file online.

Here we can collaborate and come up with a design we like.

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