This is a project I did to enhance my Fat Rat.  The bike is a 2012 Surly Pugsley frameset that started out in gloss white and then through a process of buffing the original paint, then spraying with a series of paint combined with some rubbing with sandpaper; resulted in the "rat rod" look.  Some refer to this as "faux-tina". 

The fenders are made from a 2' x 4' piece of 1/4" plywood with an oak veneer on one side.  The hardware is a combination of bicycle rear rack and fender hardware, and a couple lengths of 1/8" steel rod.  The final product was finished with a marine varnish.  The entire project cost me $4 for the wood, picked up the hardware pieces in the junk drawer at the bike shop I work for, steel rod was $3 and I used some leftover varnish in my home workshop.

My goal was a sort of monster truck bike meets vintage rat rod "woody".  Your thoughts?

Step 1:

Cut the wood to the dimension of your tire width.  Remember to have a bit of overhang to block the spray.  My fenders were 4" wide to cover my 3.7" wide tires.  Sand the wood on all sides and edges.  Soak towels in the hottest water you can stand putting your hands in.  Wrap the towels completely around the fender.  Let sit for 2-3 hours or as long as it takes to make the plywood pliable.
<p>Thanks for this tutorial, it is exactly what I have have been looking for to mod my Sondors.</p>
Glad it was helpful! Please send me a pic of your finished product, I would enjoy seeing your application of this idea.
<p>Wow, this is a cool project, your ride looks fantastic!</p>
Frelling awsome! <br>You should &Acirc;&reg;, &acirc;„&cent;, &Acirc;&copy; or something this!

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