Hi!  I am Jennifer, the author of Whim Wham Craft Blog
I have been making wool felt slipper socks for my daughter for the last 5 years.  She and my niece love them, so I wanted to share with everyone how I make them. 
(This tutorial is for personal use only.  I ask that you please do not sell any patterns or sweater slippers that are made from this tutorial.  Thank you =)

Let's get started!

 Here is what you will need.

  • a felted (fulled) sweater
  • scissors
  • paper and pencil for making the pattern
  • pattern weights and pins
  • a sewing machine or a needle and thread if sewing by hand
  • a measuring tape and a willing participant to take measurements on
  • scrap wool for an applique (optional)
  • sewable heat-n-bond or similar for ease of attaching applique (also optional)

Continue to step 1 to learn how to draft your own custom pattern.

Step 1: Creating Your Own Custom Sweater Slipper Pattern

Click on the icon in the upper left hand corner of the following photos to enlarge them for better viewing.

The following 3 photos will help you create your very own sweater slipper pattern.

Continue to step 2 after you have completed drafting your pattern. =)
<p>You need to change the name of the article. You aren't making felt socks. You are making fulled wool socks. Basically, felting starts from unworked fiber, fulling starts from cloth. You can't felt anything that's already been knitted or woven, you can only full it. Calling this felting is cheating! LOL</p>
Great idea!Thanks:)))
Thanks for the great pattern and the detailed instructions. I am going to use it to make some Uggs out of furry fabric. Btw, instead of using all those magnets, I always use small pieces of clear tape to hold my patterns firmly to the fabric. Then cut through the tape when you cut the fabric. No need to remove the tape from the pattern; it actually reinforces the paper edge. It's especially good for tissue purchased patterns. Thanks!
Thank you so much! I've been searching for a slipper pattern that covers the whole foot and goes up the ankle and yours wins hands-down! Thank you thank you thank you! &lt;3
fantastic! thank you so very much!!
ultra cute! :o
Very very nice!

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Bio: Single mom of a 5 year old daughter. I enjoy crafting and making things for my little girl.
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