Step 4: Sewing the upper ankle cuffs

Picture of Sewing the upper ankle cuffs

It's finally time to assemble the slipper socks!

It's up to you if you want to sew them by hand or machine.  Sewing by hand on sweater felt gives you the ability to sew over the edge, producing an almost invisible seam, but it is time consuming (and I am lazy) so I chose to sew them by machine.

Set your machine to a zigzag stitch.

When sewing slippers together, let the needle penetrate both layers on the zig and fall over the edge on the zag.  This will produce a flatlock like appearance that forms ladder stitches on the outside of the slippers.

Let's get sewing!

Take an ankle piece and fold it in half with the right sides facing together.  Start the seam at the top of the ankle cuff, and stop when you reach the curve of the instep.  Be careful not to stretch the fabric while sewing.  Stretching will cause it to distort and be wavy.   Repeat this step for the other ankle piece as well.  

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