Picture of Wool Hat
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This women's hat is made from a wool skirt. It is quite time consuming to make but the end result is very nice. It cost me next to nothing because I found the skirt at my local thrift store for a dollar. Make sure you have enough thread, I chose to use a zig zag stitch and I ran out of thread before I got the crown finished. That's the thing about living in a small town, there is no where to buy thread, unless I want black or white. I was able to hand sew the rest of it and that works too. The most important thing to remember is, the strips need to be cut on the bias. This will give them the ability to be manuevered around curves. The most challenging part I found was starting the crown. You may find it easier to begin with a small circle of fabric, maybe 3", and turn under the raw edges about 1/4". Then just start pinning the bias strip under that. I think I may try that on the next hat. However you decide to start the crown section, just make sure all the raw edges are tucked under and hidden. I am pleased with the finished result and think it makes a nice winter hat. 
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
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I found a wool skirt at the thrift shop. You will need to have a styrofoam head to shape and pin the hat to. You can purchase one at a beauty supply store for under $5.00. sewing machine, scissors, pins, thread, tape measure, lightweight denim shirt or dress(you could also purchase heavy weight interfacing) to reinforce the brim of the hat. I chose a skirt that I thought would have enough fabric to work with. It was smal, size 4, but long. From far away, it looks like a solid but up close, you can see there is a pattern to it. I thought that would help conceal the zig-zag stitching on the crown.
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Lovely! I've made hats using this same technique of spiraling the bias strips. You might consider using milliner's (or other lightweight) wire for the edge of the brim to help it keep its shape! And a piece of grosgrain sewn inside the hat around the opening will help keep the fit.
Very cute! I love the fabric you used :D
I want that hat and I want it with that huge black bow!
booboobear2 years ago
Great technique using bias strips. Never would have thought of it! Thanks for the great instructable!
belsey2 years ago
This is great, I've been wanting to make a hat for ages!
Pretty cool.
elewis032 years ago
You rock.
wold6302 years ago