Wool Soaker


Introduction: Wool Soaker

Wool soaker for cloth diapers.

A friend thought she wouldn't be able to have another child, and
was so very excited to be pregnant with a precious little girl.
I was just learning to knit, so I did an Internet search for wool soakers. I found the cutest free pattern from tinybirdsorganics.
The nursery was decorated with pink and chocolate
brown, so when I found this merino wool I knew it was the
perfect gift - I believe it was Patons and called 'Rosewood'

It turned out wonderful, but if I had it to do over again, I would
make it much smaller. I might have started by reading the BIG
BOLD line that says it is for a size large soaker for babies 12
months or older *laugh*

I would also branch out from the pattern and try increases and
decreases that would look exactly the same on both sides. The
pattern ends up with one side sloping smoothly and the other
being more of a stair step. You can see that in the WIP photo.

I'm now on to a few more projects, as I've got the knitting bug!



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    Wool is quite absorbant, and also has natural bacteria/odor killing capabilities. Wool soakers are put over cloth diapers to absorb the moisture away from a baby's skin while remaining dry on the outside. There seems to be a renewed interest in cloth diapering, such as my friend wanting to, and soakers are a great way to make a stylish statement in kitting.

    actually most of the time wool soakers are lanolized so they make the perfect waterproof but breathable diaper cover. Why they call these covers soakers is beyond me lol!

    Great job! It DID come out wonderful, it looks really awesome, you must be so proud to have made this great item!

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    Thanks! For a first project, outside of dishcloths to practice some stitches, I was amazed that it came out as well as it did.