Step 8: Woolery, Not Jewelry!

When the wash cycle is complete, you should have a felted chain that you can fasten around your neck by pulling as many loops through the end--like a lariat. Once felted, you can shape the loops while still damp, then let dry thoroughly. Wear and be prepared for compliments!
<p>This is a really cool idea! Very nice :)</p>
Super happy to see this on the Instructables. When I originally wrote this pattern for Knitty.com back in '05 I was frustrated that I couldn't show people how easy it was with pictures. Since then, over 600 people have managed it (according to Ravelry). I'm sure many more will really enjoy this now that it's here.
I never saw the pattern on ravelry, but I am so happy to know it's there! I figured this out hit and miss (more miss) when I was trying to mimic a paper chain for a holiday decoration. I actually was a little sloppy with it, figuring once I felted it, all mistakes would be forgiven. When it came out of the washing machine, I loved it and put it on as a necklace/scarf and immediately had people asking me to make one for them and/or for the pattern. Now I know I can refer them to your work on ravelry which I am sure is more precise and correct. I joined ravelry when it came on the scene, but have never spent much time there. I can see that I should. Thanks so much for posting!
I&nbsp;love this! I've never felted anything before, but I'm willing to try just for this project, and with winter just a few months away, I&nbsp;think this has to be near the top of my to do list =)<br />
Hi , i love this, and i gonna make one! I love felting and knitting, and i do it often, Nice and good diy! Very clear! I think you can knit it easyer to use a rond knitting needle. If you have setting the stiches on, and you must make the first rond, you pull the rondknitneedle through the earlyer loop and then you knit your rounds. But its a great idea and very cool!
thanks--i used double-pointed needles because there were so few stitches that I would have to stretch them too far on a circular needle--but it might be okay if you can get a short enough circular. Let me know how it works. I'm starting to make these again for fall--to put in my etsy shop or to layer on the necks of my friends!
Hi I 'm knitting my chain jewelry now on only two needles, i have found very thick treah and i hadn't not so thick needles to knit it with four needles, so i make small material and have to sew it by hand together , mayby an solution for others they don't can knit with four needles. When i'm finished i will send you a picture. greetings jet
Hey, Your right, i have try it , but with so few stiches, i don't work, so you have to use more needles. I'm knitting often so i can do difficult things on needles, but this is not the right solution. I have seen on a sight your brachelet version, only knitted, and then if you use a short round knitting needle you can use that, but by this chain not. greetings. I will started now on four needles, i still love your project, its awesome!
This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much, I'll be linking to this.
Thx for the very nice details! have done a few of these, first seen as a pattern on Knitty. I really like wearing mine, and yes- it DOES keep you warmer. i found that using 2 circular knitting needles works great, less falling off the needles( in my carry around bag) and easier to keep the already done loop, out of the way. Be sure to test that the yarn is from wool that actually felts too! I have knit it in a light grey or white yarn (easy on my eyes) then dye in a color so the entire chain is all one color. Experiment gang- longer loops are fun too.
I love it and am going to give it a go. They look timeless & classy. Well done for winning!
I found a great "chain chomp" hat pattern, but was stumped on the chain part. This will look so cool dangling off the back.
Stay Warm? not really
Okay, who is going to be the first to make a 'chain mail' sweater? : )
I cannot wait to try this!!!
Are you on Ravelry?
I haven't really participated on Ravelry, although I did join the site early on. I should probably devote some time to exploring.
So glad you won, I love this idea.
Thanks so much--this was my first instructable, but it won't be my last! Posting "woolery" gave me the confidence to open an etsy shop--and now I win a prize? Too good to be true!
I love to knit and I am really going to "have a go" at this project. It is so creative.
I love this. I can think of other uses for these looped necklaces too. Christmas tree garland! I am voting for you clever girl. I do knit but not in the round. No time like the present to take that step.
Funny you should mention that. When I started experimenting with these loops, it was after knitting and felting several Christmas trees. I thought I might as well try a garland, but realized I couldn't do one tiny enough for my little tree. But I loved the look of the loops--like a paper chain--and loved using all the rich, deep colors of wool I had in my stash, so my "woolery" was born. I get so many compliments--I've started an etsy shop where I sell them...but my photos aren't greatl. I'm still learning! Thanks so much for the compliments and the vote!
Oh do you have any on Etsy---I just adore this and cannot knit (yet) simply fabulous!
Thanks so much for your comment! I just opened my etsy shop and, over the weekend, put two pieces up! I am not a very good photographer though, and I have to say that my pics do not do the pieces justice! Colors are so much richer and more beautiful in personthan they appear in my rowsoprose etsy shop. But you asked...and they are there. Thanks again!
I have been thinking about opening an Etsy shop--and you've just given me the confidence to move one step closer. Stay tuned! And thanks so much!
Good morning, I am the volunteer who spoke with you last evening at the Greenhouse about your beautiful necklace. I have been thinking about it and can't wait for the opportunity to purchase it. Best wishes with your efforts--I know that it will be a big success. Melaney Reed melaney_reed@yahoo.com
Kitewife, she "yes!"
Lovely, clever, well documented. I may have to find time to make one of these!
I like it, I like it!
Very nice, well done. Wish I could knit. Thanks for sharing.
This is beautiful - I love it! A great way to practice knitting in the round, too.

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