This necklace-scarf used to be some woman's suit-coat-sleeve.  I got it at the thrift shop for ... fifty cents or a dollar.  This serves the purpose as a decorative neck warmer.  I love  necklaces but I'm not used to scarves, so I had to produce a cross-over piece.  From this necessity, the Winter Necklace was born!

It's basically a needle felted flower design that is built on the shapes from the wool coat, lined with the sleeve lining.  That is some winter up-cycling! 

Step 1: Needs

You need a felt or wool fabric that you can do some needle felting into or onto.
You also need some wool roving, for the needle felting!
And a needle-felting needle. I got mine at Joann's super store, as a "refill", but I just hold the single needle as is.
Traditionally, you use a foam block for the "table" under your needle felting but I just used a wash cloth, folded.
You may like a type of liner for the neck because the wool may be abrasive.  If you do it like I did, this won't be a problem.  :)
You can hand-sew or machine sew your liner so that it won't unfold. (I machine sewed with a darning foot.)
Also, a needle and thread for the button and flower attachment.
Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you!
Pretty! Nice compromise between a scarf and a necklace :)
maybe it's my intro into the scarf world! :D

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