Picture of Wooly Winter Necklace
This necklace-scarf used to be some woman's suit-coat-sleeve.  I got it at the thrift shop for ... fifty cents or a dollar.  This serves the purpose as a decorative neck warmer.  I love  necklaces but I'm not used to scarves, so I had to produce a cross-over piece.  From this necessity, the Winter Necklace was born!

It's basically a needle felted flower design that is built on the shapes from the wool coat, lined with the sleeve lining.  That is some winter up-cycling! 
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Step 1: Needs

Picture of Needs
You need a felt or wool fabric that you can do some needle felting into or onto.
You also need some wool roving, for the needle felting!
And a needle-felting needle. I got mine at Joann's super store, as a "refill", but I just hold the single needle as is.
Traditionally, you use a foam block for the "table" under your needle felting but I just used a wash cloth, folded.
You may like a type of liner for the neck because the wool may be abrasive.  If you do it like I did, this won't be a problem.  :)
You can hand-sew or machine sew your liner so that it won't unfold. (I machine sewed with a darning foot.)
Also, a needle and thread for the button and flower attachment.

Step 2: Getting Your Shapes

Picture of Getting Your Shapes
Cut the entire sleeve off the coat.

Take the cuff off, and cut all the way up the seam to make two strips of wool.  From each of these strips, you should be able to make your own abstract flower shapes, and lots of them.  From this whole sleeve and varied shapes and layers, I didn't use two baby flowers that were left over.  So this is perfect!

Scrunch the back of the flower in the center and sew it as you've squished it.  That will give you a blooming effect.  Just be very careful when you sew it because you don't want to make it too thick and you don't want to let the sewing machine hammer your fingernail like I did haha.  Damn that hurt.
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you!
Pretty! Nice compromise between a scarf and a necklace :)
kristylynn84 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
maybe it's my intro into the scarf world! :D