This project allows you draw in the air letters, symbols or other shapes - as you like.
Controlled by the Arduino, the 7 simple leds blinking on and off - creating the illusion of floating text in the air.
This combination of simple components with a unique program, allows to create  this instructable.

Step 1: Assembling the electronics

Picture of Assembling the electronics
Place the leds near the edge of the matrix, so the circle it draws will be as wide as possible.
Note the polarity of the leds to be oriented in the same direction.
(You can use leds in different colors as I did with the WOOOSH case).
Place the Arduino near the center of the matrix and mount it to the matrix.
I used simple wires for that.
Since the bottom part of the Arduino has some conductors - I used a piece of plastic sheet as an isolator from the matrix.
Connect one side of the leds to the IO of the arduino (ports 1-7, leaving port 0 for the trigger).
Use suitable resistors and connect the other leg of the leds to the ground.
I used the bottom rail of the matrix as a common ground.
I used 420 Ohm resistors.

hi every one...... i need schematic of wooshing leds

What schematic do you need?

All you need is connecting from each I/O to a led (through a suitable resistor) and to the ground.

The reset is commanding the I/O to open send the dignal to the suitable led in the suitable time.

And one more I/O is from the trigger.

Thats all the schematic.

i made it but its not wrking. so if u have schematic of these all c0nnections pls send me

kshowell1 year ago

Cool Project

yonskiboy (author)  kshowell9 months ago

10X :-)

jeevan.swain.710 months ago


cefn1 year ago

Really nice project. If you want a generic (and slightly-better compressed) mechanism for writing any ascii characters in a variety of fonts, we invite you to rip off our POV code, which uses an 8-LED font derived from the Commodore 64, http://shrimping.it/shrimp/project/pov/ . We also have a collection of other fonts with different pixel heights which we extracted through an automated process from freely licensed TTFs http://shrimping.it/shrimp/project/pov/font/ as described at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12988915/how-to-extract-bitmap-data-from-ttf-bitmap-typeface-for-a-pov-display

rseiyu1 year ago

Can it be done with a PIC instead of the arduino?

yonskiboy (author)  rseiyu1 year ago

I think it can, I'm don't know what are the I/O of the PIC, but it surely can run this simple program...

willi11311 year ago
hey I build this thing today and it is really awsome! I used space invader- starships instead of letters and it worked nicely. good job
yonskiboy (author)  willi11311 year ago

Hey, that's great :-) glad to hear that.

It would be great if you could send me some pictures of how you have assembled it and the resulting images...

I used 8 LED's in a row to get the starships in full size. The motor im using is a brushless stepper-motor I salvaged from a laser printer. The trigger is also from the salvaged printer (button which get pushed every round)

Thank you this project made my last 2 days :-)

yonskiboy (author)  willi11311 year ago
Wow... that's awesome :-)
Really great.
Did you use an external controller for the stepper motor or you just used the electronics on the original board of the printer?

the motor has an onboard driver which allows me to power it with up to 40V clockwise. It can reach up to 2100 rpm so i use a (variable) resistor to control the motor speed (so i can put every image on full size by increasing the motor speed). ;)

cgrrty1 year ago

Very nice !

This is excellent! Love the main image too :D

yonskiboy (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago

Thank you :-)

I even considered animating the robot - but there was not enough room for that ;-)