Word Girl and Captain Huggy Face Costumes





Introduction: Word Girl and Captain Huggy Face Costumes

Last year for Halloween my daughter wanted to be her favorite super hero Word Girl, (from PBS ) and her little sister, being too young to complain, was the loyal sidekick, Captain Huggyface.  The costumes were easy. and inexpensive. For Word Girl I got red sweat suit  from walmart. I cut out the logo from yellow fabric, and glued, then zig zag stitched it to the shirt. The cape is a rectagle of yellow fabric, with ties sewn on. The hood is two quarter circles of felt sewn together, with elastic for the chin.

The same is done for captain huggyface. Red shorts over blue leggings. Logo sewn onto the shirt, and hat sewn, but with added ears, made out of tan felt and stuffed.

The costumes were warm, and easy to manuver in. Also, the kids were very excited when properly recognized. There were about 20 Wonder Womans downtown, but only one WORD GIRL!

WORD UP!!!!!!!



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    We did this last Halloween...check out the pics!


    I forgot to include my Captain Huggyface. I don't have another kid, yours looks so cute in their costume!


    No Way!  My two oldest went as Word Girl and Captain Huggy Face two years ago!  Word Girl is the best thing on PBS since the early days of Sesame Street.  I considered going as Granny May, since my special powers include knitting "constricting but strangely comforting" garments :)

     Bravo!  These are great!  What, you could go as Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy? :)

    Thanks. I was going to dress up as Dr. Two Brains, but I ran out of time.

    WORD UP!