Word Search Prank


Introduction: Word Search Prank

Watch as your prank victim tries to solve this word search. None of the words shone at the bottom are in the actual word search!!!:):):):)

Step 1: Prank Setup

If you would like to print out this pdf just go to this website address: http://aprilfoolzone.com/files/wordsearch.pdf

Step 2: The Prank

To prank someone just ask someone if they would like to try this difficult word search. If they say yes, hand them this printout and watch as they try to find even one word!!!!:):) What I like to do when pranking people with these word searches is let them get pretty frustrated and then say, " oh, I found a word". And then write somewhere below the letters," Pranked You" and then circle the word. It's hilarious!!!



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    Or u could just put a lot of examples where it is almost the complete word, but it changes at the last minute. lol

    Don't forget to vote!!! Thx

    It might be funnier if you put all the words in the word search except for one. So then they will want to win because they found all the other words already.