For those chilly winter evenings, stay warm with a nice quilt with some one to curl up with.  Need an added incentive?   How about a friendly game to help entice some one close?  Now - it's all in one!

This instructable assumes some basic sewing knowledge, but is otherwise a fairly easy quilt to make - final dimensions are ~52 x 52 inches.  The pattern is based on a 9 square scrap quilt and in true scrap quilt tradition, I made mine with fabric that I had on hand.  Otherwise, you'll need some fabric – cotton works well for quilting, cotton or muslin for the backing and felt for the game pieces.  I’ve based my yardages on a 44inch fabric, but experience has taught me a little extra never hurts.  You will probably not need to full quarter yards listed, but that is the smallest amount I am able to buy.

Light brown (2 yards)
Light blue or green (.25 yards)
Light pink (.25 yards)
Dark blue (.25 yards)
Dark red (.25 yards)
Fabric for backing (2.5 yards)
Felt or other for game tiles (0.6 yards)

Other supplies
This instructable!
Rotary cutter and mat*
Scissors, seam ripper
Sewing machine (with walking foot*, if available)
Quilt binding (2 packs of extra wide, double fold bias tape)
Fabric paint
Paint Brush*
*Optional, but will make the project a little easier.

Step 1: Cut Fabric Into Squares

Cut fabric into 4 x 4 inch squares.  An easy way to do this is to first cut 4 inch wide stripes (photo 2) and cut the strips into 4 inch squares.  You will need :
165 brown
24 light blue
16 pink
12 blue
& 8 red squares

If you need to use different fabrics (I used 2 different browns) - that's fine.  The quilt is symmetric, so the blocks can be incorporated as part of the pattern (take a minute to plan where you'll want to lay these out according to the template in step 2)
I love, love, love this quilt!!! and I love scrabble too!! so I guess it was a sure thing!!!
That is really cute! Awesome job with the quilt!
Well done!<br>
Clever idea!

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