Introduction: Wordinomos- an Educational Board Game

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Hi, Milkywaybar here, and I am going to teach you how to make a board game that will enable students to learn basic grammar and English skills. It's called Wordinomos (Word-in-uh-moes). By playing this board game, students will learn parts of speech, basic grammar skills, and exercise creativity. So, lets get started!

Step 1: What You'll Need

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A card template (i used the one at
A color printer
An image editing program (Doesn't have to be all that advanced, i used picnik)

(or if you're lazy, you can use my game below)

Step 2: The Words

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Think of words of different parts of speech. make the corresponding cards the colors shown here. (in picnik, i used duo tone and made the colors relevantly similar) put two on each card, like dominoes. I used:

(you can use repeats)

27 nouns (red)
27 verbs(green)
27 adjectives (yellow) 
27 conjunctions (purple)  (here's where repeats come in handy)
18 prepositional phrases (orange)
18 adverbs  (dark blue)
9 interjections (pink)
45 determiners (light blue) (see a list here)
9 wild cards (black)

Step 3: Taping It Down

Fold each card in half, and tape it down, so you have something like a double-sided scrabble-tile.

Step 4: How to Play

This is a combination of scrabble and dominoes.

Objective To have the most points when the game is over
Setting up Each player should always have 7 cards. This is best played on a large, open space.
On Your Turn put down a minimum of 2 words. This must form a grammar-correct sentience. Then add up the points (see below for "scoring") pick up any cards you missed, and continue onto the next player
nouns (red) 5
 verbs(green) 5
 adjectives (yellow) 8
 conjunctions (purple)  10
 prepositional phrases (orange) 12
 adverbs  (dark blue) 12
 interjections (pink) 17
 determiners (light blue) 4
 wild cards (black) 0
Obscure words are doubled. for example: Mitochondria, normally 5 points, is now 10 points. The definition of "obscure" varies, so debate is welcome. 
Ending the Game 
This can happen however you want out of these options:
-There's no cards left.
-There's no interest left
-After a time limit passed.


iamamomof5 (author)2012-04-13

This sounds like a fantastic game. I will definitely make this for my boys.

When placing the cards down, do they have to fit with other cards on the "board", as in scrabble?

milkywaybar (author)iamamomof52012-04-14

No, i play it like dominoes, buut i guess you could use a board.

wilgubeast (author)2012-03-20

Yes! I love word games to practice vocabulary and syntax. I'm a little unclear on the rules, so a video of the game in action would really help to clarify what's going on. If there was a way to incorporate punctuation (and a video), this might be the best thing ever.

And since picnik is shutting down in a month, there's always pixlr (shameless autodesk plug, but it's free and it works and is webappy.)

milkywaybar (author)wilgubeast2012-03-24

I will add a video. not sure when, and i'll try to make the rules clearer.

blossom9283 (author)2012-03-20

Time permitting I might make this for my home school student

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